Installation & Pricing


Design And Cost

Because of the uniqueness of each garden layout, it is difficult to estimate what an installation will cost unless we are able to see and measure the area.

Costs are influenced by the size and shape of the area, preparation work requirements and of course the type of turf you choose.

As a guide however, a 50 sqM lawn fully installed as described below with the worlds best quality turf will start at around $90.00 per sqM

If you would like a free consultation we can visit you, measure your area, provide information and suggest design choices that will ensure that you get the most economical installation possible.

You can select a lawn from our turf samples and we will then Draw up your plan and calculate the very best quote for your project.


Full Installation

If you would like us to fully install your lawn we will:

  • Prepare up to 75mm in depth of the existing ground surface;

  • Supply and compact a stable blue metal drainage base;

  • Cut, lay and join the turf and supply all consumables such as joining tape, special adhesive and infill materials;

  • Shape the turf to fit all path edges, garden beds, fence lines and special features etc;

  • Infill (top dress) the turf with highly graded silica sand and rubber granules to stabilize the lawn fibers and create a soft earthy feel under foot;

  • Then, to finish it off, we power broom the turf to stand the lawn fibers up ready for hand over to you, the new owner.

  • We then keep your job file open for a further 3 months at which time we contact you and ensure that all is well with your installation. In the unlikely event of a problem we will rectify any concerns you may have.

DIY Installation

If you choose to either fully or partially install the turf yourself we can provide you with all the information and consumables you will need to carry out the work.

If you need professional on site assistance with some aspects of your installation, we can provide that to you on an hourly cost basis.

We are always available for free phone assistance - a little helpful tuition is often all that is required.