Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive?


The installation cost is your one and only outlay. It is at today’s price and there are no ongoing maintenance costs for its entire 20 plus years expected life.

Consider the time, money and effort you have already spent and will continue to spend for your entire life on installing and maintaining your lawn, your reticulation and lawn maintenance machinery at ever inflating prices.

Remember, it is only the difference between the cost of a Synthetic lawn and that of a natural lawn that is at stake. That cost difference buys you a lifetime of weekend leisure free of the financial, time and labour commitment to lawn maintenance.

Three or four years from now you may look back and feel that it would have been better to have installed Synthetic Lawn because that is about the time that you will have recovered the cost difference of your installation. From that time on, you get further and further ahead every week.


How safe is it for children?

VERY SAFE. Synthetic turf is soft and it eliminates the allergy and itching problems associated with natural grass making it perfect for playgrounds, schools, kindergartens, childcare facilities and of course the family home. When installed to child safety fall height regulations it is perfect around playground equipment.


How does it feel?

Synthetic Turf has come a long way since the old Astro Turf matting of the 60’s and 70’s.

The current landscaping lawns are long bladed (normaly 32 mm to 55 mm) and are infilled (top dressed) with finely graded silica sand and rubber granules leaving 10mm to 15mm of lawn blade exposed creating a soft earthy feel under foot.


How much water will I save?

Our display lawn front and back at our home is over 200 sqM of lush green permanently manicured grass. Our latest water bill (Oct to Feb) was $20.60.


Will the colour fade?

The fibers have been UV stabilized and the colour will be fine for the turfs full 20 year expected life span.



Will Synthetic Turf fit any yard shape?

Yes, we can install it to fit any shapes and features in either your existing garden or a new landscaping project.


Will the grass flatten?

Most Synthetic Grass these days is in filled (top dressed) with a finely graded silica sand and rubber granules. These hold the fibers erect under normal circumstances. Over time, the fibers can flatten a little but it is a simple matter of brushing it up to rejuvenate its appearance.


Will the infill blow away?

No. The grass fibers stabilize the infill material to the point where a leaf blower can be used to clear the lawn of leaves etc.


What about fire?

Synthetic Grass will not support a fire but it will melt if BBQ coals or cigarette butts fall onto it. Keep such items away from your grass and retain off cuts for patches if needed.


Can I drive my car on it?

Yes, so long as the surface preparation is done correctly driving onto the grass won’t hurt it. Constant driving in the same place though can cause depressions in the sub surface in the same way that ruts occur in natural lawns.


What maintenance is required?

Most of your maintenance will simply be removing leaves and debris from the surface with a grass rake or a leaf blower like any other lawn.


Is it suitable for pets?

It’s perfect for pet use. They can’t dig through it and the infill is non-toxic. Urine and solids will not stain the grass and they dry out quickly. They can then be easily scooped up and the occasional shower of rain or hose down will wash any remnants away.

Will weeds grow in or through it?

Generally not. However, there are drain holes in the turf and a weed or two can occasionally root there or around edges. In wetter months a few weeds may take root in the damp infill. Spot spraying with Glyphosate will not harm the grass and will quickly deal with weeds.


What about insects?

The infill material generally won’t support infestations of insects.


Where does the rain go?

It drains through perforations in the grass backing and into the sub soil in the same way as it does with natural grass.

In some situations you might be advised to build a slight run off slope into the support base.


What base do you use?

On well drained soils a compacted blue metal dust base is all that is required to provide a hard and stable bed. Blue metal stone and a slight run off slope may be required in heavy soils

Synthetic Turf can be laid over all existing hard surfaces like concrete, paving and bitumen..

Is there a warranty?

Yes. The turf comes with a 7 year manufacturers warranty (more than twice that of most high priced motor cars). The installation carries a 12 month guarantee. The actual life expectancy is about 20 years (also more than some motor cars).


Where can I use Synthetic Lawn?

Anywhere that natural lawn can grow and most places where natural lawn can’t grow. Eg.

Shady areas, Heavy traffic areas, Schools, Play grounds, Kindergartens, Home and Business landscaping, Home putting greens, Swimming pool and spa surrounds, Patios, Court yards, Apartment balconies, Retirement villages, Road verges, Median strips, Most sporting fields and courts, Atriums, Pet enclosures, Showroom displays, Boat decks, Anywhere that maintenance access is limited, Display and exhibition stands, Stage and film sets. The list is almost endless.