Our Turf Range is
always improving


This is the newest and most economical turf in our range. Technological advancements has meant that this turf has come to us at a lower price and higher quality than the mid priced turfs were just a short time ago.

It is very densely woven and has a natural looking brown colour thatch zone.

Aussie Summer


The fibers in this turf are in three shades of green, this replicates the colour variations that occur in nature and creates the most natural looking lawn available. It has a thick layer of thatch below the surface which stabilizes the fibers and infill material.



A 40 mm long mid width blade grass with a thatch zone making it thick and lush. It is a beautiful landscaping lawn but it is specifically designed as a sporting surface. It carries the highest FIFA rating and is the turf that is used on the international soccer pitches and other multi use sports grounds. It is less expensive than the top priced landscaping products.

Premier 40 Supreme


At 20 mm long this is a tough grass that is designed as a court sporting surface such as Social Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and many other sports applications.

It is also available in many vibrant colours making it perfect for Kindergartens, Schools and Daycare play areas, trike tracks and game scoring zones.



This 13 mm turf is specifically designed for sporting surfaces such as Putting Greens and Lawn Bowls which require true ball rolling qualities. It is made to be non-directional, is of the highest quality and is suitable for world class competition.