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Your Synthetic Lawn is expected to last for about 20 years so it's important to us to supply you with the best quality Synthetic Turf and to install your lawn to the highest standard.

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Xtreme turf  is manufactured by ACT Global Sports and it is of the highest quality by world standards as a visit to the Technology page at ACT Global Sports! will verify.

ACT Global Sports produces 4,000,000 sqM of sports and landscaping turf in 4 plants through out the world. Their expertise lies in international sporting surfaces at the highest level. The technology and testing that is required to meet the international sporting bodies specifications in order to protect their athletes is extremely high and the company applies those same quality demands and manufacturing procedures to all their landscaping lawns.

Xtreme turf is brought to Australia by ACT Global Australia! who recently returned from overseas where they handed 6 full multi function sports fields over to the Singapore Government. That is the level of their involvement in the industry.

They supply and install all Xtreme turfsports and landscaping products within Australia and the surrounding region.

They are our parent company and Aristocrat Synthetic Lawns works closely with them and draws on their direct involvement on much of our work including your home lawn, major sporting projects and any specialized work right here in Albany.

It is normaly expected that world class expertise, quality and service of this calibre would come at a high price but that’s not the case. is more economical than most of the worlds high quality synthetic turfs simply because the greater demand for it creates higher volume turn over and subsequently lower prices.